StarCraft II Nations Wars is Back!

O’Gaming is proud to announce the fifth edition of Nation Wars—an iconic event where national teams compete in StarCraft II, the epic sci-fi strategy title from Blizzard Entertainment.

From March 21 to April 21, more than 32 teams will battle each other with one goal in mind: to prove theirs is the best StarCraft II nation in the world!

To earn the winner’s share of the $50,000 USD prize pool, funded by War Chest purchases, competitors will have to show their creativity, top strategies and unwavering focus.

What is Nation Wars?

Nation Wars has become a must-see annual event for StarCraft II fans. United under their national flag, some of the best players in the world will put on an exciting show and offer incredible levels of play. It’s also one of a few StarCraft II competitions that allows up-and-coming countries a chance to challenge the traditional powerhouse nations. Get ready to be surprised by some David versus Goliath matchups!

For those who love excitement, adrenaline and the passion of a whole nation cheering for their champions, this is an event that can’t be missed. Furthermore, the fifth edition finals will take place in a 1200-person venue at Play Paris powered by PAX—come along and show everyone what it means to support your team.

Each team will be represented by three of their country’s best players, as voted by the public. To register as a player:

Get ready for the fifth edition

Produced in France and livestreamed in nine languages, Nation Wars is expected to bring together more than two million viewers, both live and via replays. After the success of the first four editions of Nation Wars—with Norway winning in 2014 and 2015, France in 2016 and South Korea in 2017—we can expect to see some fierce competition the fifth time around!

Our goal has always been, and will always be, to empower the strongest emotions of esport and to share its values with everyone.

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