NationWars Announcement

NationWars is back !

The fourth edition of the national team tournament is upon us, this time in partnership with Blizzard Entertainment !

With 30 000$ on the line, this is the biggest NationWars ever. Like in NationWars III all countries are welcome as long as they have three players registered who fit the requirements.

Players will be voted in by the community to represent their country and will then play qualifiers to get into the actual top 16.

Every game will be bo7 before the finals in bo9 and the format will be AllKill with a revive.

First phase will be a GSL style group stage and second stage will be a single elimination bracket with the top 4 played live in our studios in Paris.

Your country needs YOU, to defend its honor !

Access to Starcraft 2 Stream ! Vote !


Tournament Schedule

  1. 21/12 - Qualifier
  2. 22-23/12 - Group A
  3. 02-03/01 - Group B
  4. 04-05/01 - Group C & D Winner Bracket
  5. 06/01 - Group C & D Looser Bracket
  6. 07/01 - Ro8
  7. 21/01 - Ro4 & Final