On the matter of fake votes


Update: due to too many irregular votes casted in favor of Guru (Poland), we decided to remove him from the voting process.
Our deeper investigation revealed that several fake votes were casted for the entire team of Poland, with a net advantage for Guru.
While we know exactly how many fake votes were added, nothing strictly links Guru to the fraud.
We removed all fraudulent votes, added extra security to avoid this from happening anymore, and put back Guru in the list of players, with his previous and legitimate votes count.
We'll continue to monitor the remaining voting process to make sure everything happens in due process.

France and South Korea to go through Qualifiers


With a totally unprecedented 32 Nations participating, we decided to have France and Korea go through the Qualifiers as well! Seeds will be prepared accordingly.

Votes are open!


213 players registered for Nation Wars IV, it's now time for you to select only 3 for each of the 32 Nations participating! You have until December 19 at 23:59:59 CET to make your choice. Make sure to spread the word to get your players selected!

Nation Wars IV is here!


Christmas is just around the corner and, for the occasion, O'GamingTV offers an exceptional menu from December 8th until January 21st. We hope you brought an appetite for OGamingTV's specialty: Nation Wars !
O’GamingTV is proud to announce the launch of Nation Wars IV, in partnership with Blizzard Entertainment. This new edition of the national team tournament will feature top players from all around the world battling for a 30.000$ cashprize with an offline Final Stage in our studios in Paris, France.
Everyone can participate: you only need to be Grand Master to represent your country!
Our determination? Bringing the community and player at the center of the action to support your nation until victory.
As with the last editions, players will be able to sign up to represent their countries. Sign-ups open on December the 8th, and will run until the 12th of November, 20:00 CET. The community voting phase will begin on the 13th at 21:00 CET, and last until the 19th at 12:00 CET.