General rules

Version of the game played

The tournament StarCraft II: NationWars 2019, organized by Alt Tab Productions, is played on StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. The latest version (patch) will be used during the tournament. Each player must have a personal account.

Rules agreement

All players have read and understood the rules before entering the tournament.

If a player must pause the game, he must write “pp” in chat, say the reason of the pause and how long it’s going to be.

If the game is broadcasted live then only the admin is allowed to unpause the game when all players and casters are ready.

Default server

If Player 1 is in EU and Player 2 is in KR, default server is NA Central

If Player 1 is in EU and Player 2 is in EU, default server is EU

If player 1 is in NA and Player 2 is in NA, default server is NA

If player 1 is in NA and Player 2 is in KR, default server is NA West

If player 1 is in NA and Player 2 is in EU, default server is to be chosen by the admin after he got the ping result for both players.

If player 1 is in China and Player 2 is elsewhere, default server is to be chosen by the admin after he got the ping result for both players.

Players agreement on playing online and offline phase

StarCraft II: NationWars 2019 is an online and offline event. Players qualified for the offline part of the tournament will have to sign a contract with Alt Tab Productions.

Nation requirements to play

StarCraft II: NationWars 2019 is an international tournament with several nations. Several nations are seeded, and some nations will qualify. Only nations with at least 3 players can sign up. Only GM players during 2018 and 2019 on EU, NA and KR servers can sign up. Barcodes accounts are not eligible.

Players obligations

Selected players of every nation must select a captain who will manage the team and talk to Alt Tab Productions during the tournament.

Players election

Players are elected by the community (three votes/IP/Nation/Day). More details are going to be announced by Alt Tab Productions.

Player attendance

Players must be present at every match their team plays. The schedule will be released by an admin at the start of the tournament.

Streaming rules for players

Players are not allowed to stream their games.

Emergency case

If a player can’t play because of exceptional reasons the player ranked 4th during the voting phase will be able to replace him for only one serie. If a player does not show up and/or does not give any good reason to Alt Tab Productions, the player ranked 4th during the contest will play the whole tournament.

Agreement on playing the offline part

By agreeing to this handbook, players agree to be available during the first half of December for the offline part of the tournament.

Tournament format

Barrage phase

The format for the barrage phase is a Bo7 all-kill elimination match with an Ace match.

There are two different hats for the barrage phase, the top 16 nations that have the most WCS points directly qualify to the Ro24. Other nations must play the barrage phase.

Seeding will be done accordingly to WCS points. If a nation has no WCS point it will be at the low end of the seeding phase. If multiple nations have no WCS point the seeding will be done randomly to find an opponent.

Ro 24

The format for the Ro 24 is a round robin with three teams style in Bo7 all-kill matches with an Ace match.

Each group will have one nation from the top 8 of WCS points, one nation from the top 9-16 of WCS points and one team from the barrage phase. The team from the barrage phase will be added randomly.

Ro 16

The format for the Ro 16 is a GSL group with four teams style in Bo7 all-kill matches with an Ace match.

Teams who got first in group stage play the teams which got second. The format is a Bo7 all-kill with an Ace match.

On Day 1 both the initial and winner matches are played. On Day 2 the loser and decider match are played.


The Ro8, Ro4 and third place matches are played in Bo7 all-kill format with an ace match. For the Ro8 the seeding will be done with two different hats, the first one will have all nations that finished first of their groups while the second hat will have the nations that finished second.

The final is being played as a Bo9 all-kill with both Revival and Ace match. The same player can’t be revived and Ace.

Schedule and streaming

Tournament schedule

StarCraft II: NationWars 2019 is going to be played between September and December.

Obs and ingame

No observers are allowed to enter any game except official streams.

Stream delay

Streams are required to add 120 seconds of delay during the online part of the tournament.

Players engagement towards NationWars

Players are not allowed to play other tournaments at the same time as StarCraft II: NationWars 2019.

Offline part of the tournament

Finals are being played in December in Paris. Separate rules might be added to the handbook for players qualified for the offline part.

Hosts and replays

Games hosting

Games are hosted by admins.

Color in game

In game colors have to try to represent the color of the flag of the country.

Replay rules

Replays must be saved by players and can not be released without Alt Tab Productions’ agreement. Players are not allowed to watch the replay after the match has ended.


Use of third party software, bugs, or cheats

Use of third party software, bugs, or cheats is absolutely prohibited and results in an immediate disqualification and permanent ban from any and all future Alt Tab Productions tournaments.

Streaming rules

Having any stream related to the tournament, listening/watching casts, or having information delivered regarding tournament casts during your game is forbidden.

Organizer rules for banning players

Alt Tab Productions reserves the right to ban players from participation should the player be banned from other leagues due to accusations of cheating/poor behavior.

Lag and other issues

Lag and remake

If a player is disconnected from a game, the game has to be reloaded from the replay.

Rule when disconnect happen

After being disconnected, players are not allowed to either watch the replay nor check the build order.

Time limit if a player loses Internet

If the player can’t reconnect after 15 minutes and the game has not started, the captain of the team can send another player. If the game has already started, then the team loses that game.

Map pool, vetoes and players selection

The map pool is the one LotV ladder is currently using:

The map pool can change, if so an admin will contact the team captains.

Veto system and player selection:

-The country picking map first is going to be the team with highest seeding.

- Each team captain has to pick select the order of maps as soon as matches are known. The order selection is ABABABA.

- During the matches, each team has 2 minutes maximum to decide which player is going to play the next map.

Various rules

Admin and final say

Admins of the tournament have the final word in all matters.

Communication by players

Every communication about the tournament could be subject to the prior authorization of Alt Tab Productions.

Fairplay for players

In all languages, players may not use obscene gestures, profanity and/or racist/sexist/homophobic comments in their player handles, game chat, lobby chat, or live interviews. This includes abbreviations and/or obscure references. Alt Tab Productions reserves the right to enforce this at their own discretion.

Players and relationship with admins

Players must follow orders coming from admins or any person working for Alt Tab Productions.

Handbook changes

Alt Tab Productions reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the handbook at any time.

Tournament cancellation

The tournament can be delayed or cancelled as the sole discretion and without prior notice of Alt Tab Productions.

Prize money

Prize pool distribution

Total prize pool is $40.000 and top 16 is paid.


Money per player

Prize pool per nation

Prize pool share


$ 5,333




$ 2,667

$ 8,000



$ 2,000

$ 6,000



$ 1,333

$ 4,000


5th to 8th

$ 283

$ 3,400


9th to 16th

$ 108

$ 2,600


Delay of payment

Payment is due at last 30 days after the end of the tournament.

Prize pool distribution per team

Prize pool will be split on an equal part between each player of team receiving money.